Flying Trapeze - Learn To Fly


Trapeze Experience, created by Peter Gold, provides classes, workshops and one on one professional training in flying trapeze and circus arts. No prior experience is needed. All levels welcome. Ages six and up with a 250lb weight limit. All participants must have a filled out and signed waiver and registration form to participate. New protocols to mitigate risks are in place for Summer 2020 due to Covid-19.

A 30 year circus industry veteran, Peter Gold founded Trapeze Experience's in 1997. Peter and the Trapeze-Experience Team have been responsible for flying more than 150,000+ people on the trapeze so far. So many who of those who have learned with Peter and his team have gone on to run their own programs or have gone into the circus as performers. As one of the leaders in the flying trapeze industry we are known for our quality and attention to detail. Whether it's first class equipment to producing events flawlessly, the care and attention we give our clients, our safety standards.

Trapeze Experience is an "inclusive" organization that welcomes all regardless of race, color, orientation, etc... Our mission is to offer a fun, very-safe, fantastic activity that raises one's confidence, helps dissolve fears, strengthen's the body and the mind. "I call it a vitamin for the soul!" --Peter Gold.

Trapeze Experience provides specialized corporate trainings, professional consultations, trapeze equipment manufacturing and installations all tailored to meet each production's specific needs. We have made flying trapeze equipment for many organizations around the world.


Peter Gold is a professional trapeze artist, coach, founder and director of Trapeze Experience, an industry-pioneering organization offering flying trapeze and circus arts to inspire wellness. He produces customized corporate events, productions and consulting services across all aspects including manufacturing including installations around the globe. 

All this came about unexpectedly. Shortly before graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in hotel management, Gold tried flying trapeze during a Club Med vacation. He was hired at the end of the week, and spent the next four years as one of their trapeze instructors and Chief of Circus. From there, Paris, where he studied and taught at a prominent circus school and joined his first professional troupe as a catcher. A performer during the flying trapeze heyday of the 1980s and 90s, Gold’s career included five of the top flying trapeze acts in over eight years of touring in the circus. The highlight was four years with Ringling Bros., where he was attempting to make history as the first American to attempt to catch the quadruple somersault—the “impossible” trick. He fit in a few stints in Hollywood, too, coaching celebrities for “Circus of the Stars” and performing with The American Arcobats.


Regarded as one of the best trapeze coaches in the U.S., Gold works with first-timers and professionals. He’s helped over 150,000+ people discover the true thrill of flying trapeze: strength undefeatable. Body and spirit soar under his gentle guidance, as mind chatter gives way to focused awareness. Students leave infused with confidence, self-esteem, and a more positive approach to problem-solving—skills that spark personal transformations. Though proud that some of his students became stars with Cirque du Soleil, he’s motivated by the joy he feels when others unleash their personal power.