Classes & Private Instruction At Haygound School

Classes, one-on-one and professional instruction in flying trapeze

HAMPTONS FLYING TRAPEZE: 2 Hours Classes - Available in 5 & 10 Packs

Get started with flying trapeze. Participants are given level-specific assistance on the flying trapeze by qualified Trapeze-Experience Instructors. During the beginner-friendly lessons, students warm up, get a ground-lesson, and then spend most of the class flying through the air and learning the basics on the trapeze. There's even an opportunity to be caught in mid-air in the first class...


2-hour class: $120 per person
1-hour private: $550. (up to 5 people)
2-hour private: $1000. (up to 10 people)

Wether your just getting started with flying trapeze, looking for one-on-one training, ready to move into professional and instructor trainings or just feel your want a little personal attention outside of the classes we offer private instruction. Flying trapeze is a "mountain with no top" so each time you come out, we'll assist you "taking it to the next level"...